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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can attend Achieve South West groups?


Our afternoon and holiday programs are available to participants of school age who are able to cope in a group setting, doing the same activity as others, and don't have any behaviours that would prevent themselves or others from having a safe and fun time.

Our Monday and Friday day programs are for new and recent school leavers.

Our Respite Plus weekends are available to school age children and recent school leavers.


How are the groups funded?


The vast majority of our participants are funded under the NDIS scheme, however we welcome other forms of funding. Please get in touch for further details.


What are your staffing ratios?


We operate on a 1:3 staff to participant ratio, but also offer 1:2 and limited1:1 options if appropriate. 


How are your groups structured?


We take great care to ensure all our groups are carefully planned and structured to meet the needs of our participants. We see these groups as opportunities for students to develop their life skills, social participation, confidence and self esteem in a caring and supportive environment... but most importantly have fun!

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